RIGD Media is a part of the new new media. The establishment probably will not like us very much because they do not own us, but we do not care. 

Much to the chagrin of those who have previously held the monopoly of information, people are now able to navigate around the narratives laid out by the media elite and its various paymasters and influencers. Technological changes and new avenues for the flow of information mean that the traditional media no longer has our politics in its greasy grip. Gone are the days of “The S*n wot won it”.

RIGD Media seeks to play its part in combating the systemic dishonesty which has corrupted and stymied the worlds of media, politics and mainstream culture. All RIGD Media content, be it political analysis, satire, cultural commentary or artistic expression will be built around an ethical position of honesty, transparency and social justice. We will utilize all of the channels available to us in order to challenge the narrow narratives of the media class, giving volume to interesting, diverse and radical voices, and opening up a progressive, engaged and alive discourse.

We live in scary, but exciting times. The period of history which we currently occupy is ripe for radical, progressive action. RIGD is a platform for citizen journalists. We hope to attract a broad range of commentators, writers and creators to share their talents in enacting the culturally necessary shift, as we explore and awaken possibilities for thought, creation and action. 

We are RIGD. Join us so that we can start to make sense of this world, utilizing our various talents, skills, intellect and other capacities to fight for a functional, progressive and happy future for all.

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